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Finding and hiring skilled talent is more significant than ever before. Genesis Executive Search has the tools to connect companies with the best recruits, as well as connect applicants with the right jobs for all of their qualifications and experience. If you live in the Middle East, we can help you. Learn about the industries we work in most. Get in touch with us today.


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Genesis Executive Search is one of the best recruitment agencies in the UAE and a leading executive search firm in Dubai. We provide retained and contingent human resource solutions to the world's best multinationals.


At Genesis Executive Search, you are important to us and your requirements will be unique. We will work closely with you to understand what you need and then support you with an executive talent acquisition plan, a competent recruitment strategy, and a global reach of headhunting top talent.

​Our recruitment team offers you human capital solutions and human resource consulting services.

We specialize in executive search assignments providing recruiting solutions, outplacement programs, and competition-based salary surveys. We research how your companies pay their employees and create a human resource strategy for you to stay ahead of your competitors.

​Our dedicated team of executive search consultants are experts in headhunting C level and board members, top management executives, leading sales and marketing performers, relationship managers, and compliance professionals in the banking industry, mechanical, electrical and civil engineers, highly qualified finance and accounting postgraduates, and supply chain professionals.


Our recruiters headhunt only the best passive candidates for your company and only those having proven their ability in delivering results. We have been providing staffing services and human resource consultancy to employers in the across Middle East region. ​

Our expertise in human resource management for the recruitment industry is world-class, with our competitors only being the world's best executive search firms in the Middle East.

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Finding the right employer is now more essential than ever before. With the severe impact of Covid-19 to the employment market in Dubai, there is a need to ensure a high level of job security.

​Genesis Executive Search, one of the top recruitment agencies in the UAE, provides HR consulting services to jobs seekers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other Gulf countries. We review hundreds of resumes daily and understand the need for the right CV format in your job search. We research and identify employers who provide job stability, career progression, recognition, and rewards to deserving employees.

As a top executive search firm, we know what it takes to prepare yourself to face hiring managers. You may need to attend written tests, present case studies, and constantly improve your interview techniques to get the job. Remember you will never be the only candidate and you must stand out from the rest.

We are actively involved in participating, coordinating, and getting feedback on interviews from our clients. We know exactly what it takes to prepare and give successful interviews and how to create an impression in the hiring manager's mind. We help build your confidence to face decision-makers through practice and mock interviews.

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Genesis Executive Search Dubai carries almost 2 decades of expertise sourcing, screening, shortlisting, and presenting CVs of selected candidates from around the world to prospective employers and clients. We are able to gather feedback from decision-makers on CVs of the shortlisted and rejected candidates and hence know precisely what it takes to structure a good resume. Putting this experience into practice, we can offer you professional CV writing, designing a resume format, and creating Executive Resumes that express your value addition to prospective employers.

We would want your CV to meet high standards of review that are demanded by the region's top hiring managersLearn More

Preparing For Interviews

Interviews are not only face-to-face meetings. You may be required to complete an online aptitude test, a subject proficiency test, present a case study or simply attend an online exam. Because of our active involvement in participating and coordinating interviews with and for our clients, we have strengthened our own expertise in written and oral interview assessments and evaluations and use this to help you better prepare yourself to face decision-makers.  Read More


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