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Company Downsizing by an Outplacement Agency 

When you are forced to make tough financial decisions to downsize employees, any additional support that you provide your team adds value to your brand and brand image. Gratuity and other UAE labor law benefits as the end of service benefits, may not necessarily be considered as outplacement support since they are required by law. 


Outplacement Services is a rapidly growing component of a severance agreement that is intended to help employees find work quickly and depending on circumstances and external support, following a layoff or job loss. 

Outplacement can be very effective as it shows a great deal of involvement from the employer.

We Can Help Restructure Your Company and Support Your Employees!

What is Outplacement?

​Outplacement is a program of supporting employees to make a transition into the next phase of their careers. This mainly occurs when a company due to various circumstances from restructuring to downsizing is forced to make changes to minimize the employee overhead costs. Ever since COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown and work from home, many companies have found their sales figures and profits dramatically get affected. To ensure company continuity, outplacement has become essential.


Many laid-off employees can be unfamiliar with current job searching techniques if they haven't sought employment for a long time, training in job searching is also provided.

We help you develop resumes and cover letters and even advise jobs for individuals. We provide job leads and follow-up counseling and advice.

Outplacement is not only about directly finding new employment. For employees who may have been laid off, it is also a need and opportunity for psychological support and career counseling.​

Why Offer Human Resource Outplacement Services?

Employer Benefits

​Protect Reputation and Brand Image

Employers provide outplacement support because they are constantly aware of the impact of their actions on current and prospective employees and protect their reputations as desirable employers.

​Ensure Employee Careers and Future

To adequately measure the success of our work, we provide you with data that measures the success of laid-off employees in finding employment. 

​Business Continuity

An effective restructuring and executive outplacement strategy ensures business continuity and protects your brand, so that the employees you retain remain productive, committed, and focused.

Mitigates risk of litigation

The negative impact and loss of jobs cause some to seek recourse in legal pursuance. The outplacement program shows the employee you not only care about but also invest in career growth through learning, training, and development to seek employment elsewhere.

Employee Benefits

  • Enhanced counseling allows a true employee mindset to be exposed clearing a path for a better future and also reducing the risk of mental stress-related issues.

  • Training and Career counseling increased options for other career paths and job market analysis for an employee to pursue​

  • Outplaced employees are always better to open to rejoining the employer when the situation improves.

  • Creates a better understanding and learning of how CVs are prepared, positioned, and marketed.

  • Improves interview success ratio through interview training techniques.

  • More market and career options are made available.

Best HR Outplacement Services in Dubai?

Dinesh Dsouza, the Director of Genesis has been working with key decision-makers, HR teams, and employees in the country to offer human resource solutions – salary surveys, HR outplacement, and company restructuring services.

Our process of working with you as your Human Resource Partner is to assist with an Outplacement Program that consists of the following


  1. Conduct Need Analysis (if required)?

  2. Current Employee Research

  3. Internal announcement of the program (a set itinerary including timelines and flow to be provided to the company and participant upon confirmation)

Stage One – Introduction and Counselling

  1. One-on-One counseling

  2. Gathering feedback


Stage Two – Market Understanding

  1. Job Market Understanding and Options

  2. Question and Answers

  3. Updated Datasheet 


Stage Three – Professional CVs Preparations

  1. Group Training on Professional CV Design

  2. CVs prepared for all participants


Stage Four – Interview Techniques Training

  1. How to Prepare for an Interview

  2. Attending the Interview

  3. Interview Followups and Closures

  4. Interview Questions and Answers – Cultural and Behavioral

  5. Types of Tests – Psychometric, Aptitude, and Technical

  6. Mock Interviews


Stage Five – Followups

  1. CVs on speculation

  2. Job Applications through online sources

  3. Followups – Calls versus Emails. What Works?

  4. Closure


A Progress report on each participant is reared and shared with the employer for a period of 6 months from completion of the Program.

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What Can You Expect in an Outplacement Service

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