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Genesis Executive Search, your strategic partner in tough search assignments has over the last two years been helping companies navigate the intricate landscape of mergers, acquisitions, and capital-raising endeavors.


In today's dynamic business environment, the quest for growth, expansion, or transition demands expertise, connections, and a nuanced understanding of market intricacies. We specialize in sourcing key investors, business partners, promotors who will empower businesses. Whether you want to buy or sell, raise funds, secure investors, or navigate equity and debt funding with confidence, we can help you.

We recognize that each business journey is unique, requiring tailored solutions and unwavering dedication. Leveraging our extensive network and seasoned professionals, we streamline the process, offering unparalleled guidance from inception to fruition. Whether you're a seasoned conglomerate eyeing strategic acquisitions or a burgeoning startup seeking vital capital infusion, we are committed to actualizing your vision.

Join the ranks of satisfied clients who have entrusted us with their pivotal business endeavors. Discover the power of strategic collaboration with Genesis Executive Search, your gateway to unparalleled success in the ever-evolving business ecosystem.

Ongoing Financing Requirements 

Diabetes Foot Ulcer Detection Device

Funding Requirement: USD 8 Million

Type: Equity Financing

Diabetes is a world problem that increases every year with the India, Middle East,  and the US topping the charts. 

Our client has developed a Diabetes foot ulcer early detection device that not only saves feet from amputation but lives from being lost.  This device does not exst anyweher in the world today.

Key Pointers:

Well beyond the demonstration stage. • Obtained regulatory approval in the UK from MHRA as a class 1 medical device. • Exempt in the US as a class 1 device under the 513(g) with FDA. • Selling in the UK and internationally. • ISO13485 certified medical device manufacturer. • On the NHS supply chain for procurement. • Collecting data in the form of case studies and pilot studies with several hospitals in the UK and Internationally. • In the process of obtaining NICE certification to increase sales into the UK NHS The funding is to help the business grow and pay for clinical trials – which is a needed to sell the home device

Initial Investment Required USD 8 Million - More Details can be shared

Air Warming System for Venous Access

Funding Requirement: AED 1 Million

Type: Equity Financing

What if you could invest in a proposition with a market potential of £400m? Saving hundreds of £’millions in healthcare costs worldwide.

WOULD YOU? The answer would most likely be YES, if the £ investment potentially offers an exceptional financial rate of return on EXIT and any investment risk factors had been addressed. We believe we tick all the boxes and are now seeking an initial equity investment of £500,000 to commercially launch our market ready product, in the UK and Europe during 2024. This will replace the R&D model already in use in over 140 NHS hospitals. The global market size is estimated to be in excess of £400m per annum.

Every year 32,000,000 cannulations are attempted in the UK with an overall 51% fail rate costing £12 per attempt. The company has developed a medical device at the request of NHS Innovations South East. Access to veins can be difficult with damaged, hidden or fragile veins which can often contribute towards long term poor venous access causing patient discomfort and potential infection. This results in patient distress, delayed treatment, delayed discharge, which leads to increased healthcare costs and an ever increasing burden on the health system. We use temperature controlled air within a disposable doubled walled glove to warm the patients lower arm vasodilating their veins in 3 minutes, allowing for the insertion of a cannula. It is a safe hygienic solution reducing procedure time and consumable costs with patient comfort. This has been proven in trials to achieve 87.5% first time successful cannulation with the most difficult intravenous access patients. As a disposable single use consumable item, leads to highly attractive recurring revenue streams year on year as more and more consumable gloves are ordered. The product is now in use in 11clinical areas: oncology, haematology, infusion, radiology, aspheresis, nuclear medicine, PET scans, blood transfusion, plasma exchange therapy, acute admissions and clinical skills.

Projected financialss can be provided on request

Marjan Island Property Development Financing

Funding Requirement: AED 8 Million

Type: Debt Financing

A 40 year old real estate and property developer. With numerous projects. Under their belt. Are now developing a unique. G + 5 luxury residential complex located on Al Marjan Island with complete beach access and sea view. With this luxury complex you experience Luxury and comfort at its fullest. 75% of the apartments are sea facing - studio apartments, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments are available.

An investment of AED 17.5 million is required. Expected returns 20%. Project and financing details will be provided on request.

Diabetes Foot Ulcer
Veinous Access System
Al Marjan Property

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