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Common Candidate Questions

There are plenty of questions that you may have when searching or applying for jobs. Below are some common questions and answers for better understanding. 

How soon will I get a job once I have sent my CV?

We cannot guarantee jobs. We do not recommend friends and family members for positions with our clients. Our screening and shortlisting process is strictly on merit. We, do give consideration to those job seekers who struggle to make ends meet for their families provided they meet at least 50% of the client's requirements. 

Do you offer any services to candidates?

 We help design professional CV formats and resume structures. 

Because of our active involvement in participating and coordinating client interviews, we help candidates better prepare themselves to face hiring managers.


We offer

  1. Professional CV Writing

  2. ​Interview Preparation & Mock Interviews

Work Is Slow. How Can I still prove my worth?

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How do I register my CV for a Job?

You do not have to register your CV. Our System parses your CV when you email it to us or apply online.

Your resume details are captured and stored in the original format in our database.

Our duplicate CV management system manages duplicate applications.

How will my CV and job applcation be considered?

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I am losing interest in my job. Is there a solution?

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Do I have to pay Genesis for helping me find a job?

The UAE Law prohibits recruitment agencies and search firms from charging a fee to candidates and job seekers.


Genesis Executive Search strictly abides by these regulations and no candidate is charged a fee for placement services.

I Have Job Hopped  A Lot. Is That Bad when looking for future opportunities?

Answer this question in 3 points

  1. Explain the reason to Move

  2. Be Sincere

  3. Get the Full Picture

What should I do if my Salary is Reduced?

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