How is Your Job Application Managed by our Staffing Company?

Step 1: Your Job Application

You can email your CV to or apply on our website for the job. After completing the screening questions, your application is received.

Step 2: Screening your CV

All CVs received are screened by our recruitment consultants for immediate or expected vacancies. If found suitable, you will be contacted within 7 working days, else your CV is retained as a confidential document in our database for future roles. 

Step 3: Internal Interviews

We match every application with the client's job description and also assess if your CV may be suitable for another opportunity. Phone and personal Interviews are conducted to determine your suitability for the role.

Step 4: CV Presentation to the Client

The 5 most suitable profiles are presented to the client along with our comments, feedback, and/or recommendations. It is only the client who determines the most suitable candidates for interviews.

Step 5: Client Feedback

We receive the client's choice of candidates for the 1st round of interviews. You will be thoroughly briefed and assisted in the interview preparation process. Preparing Yourself For Client Interviews >

Step 6: Client Interview Coordination

We coordinate all interviews (normally 2-3 rounds). We will contact you after each round to receive your feedback and also followup with the client on their evaluations and decisions.

Step 7: Client Selection and Employment Offer

Finally comes the Client's employment offer which is shared with you for your acceptance or reply. We would conduct 2 reference checks and salary verification which would be shared with the client.

Step 8: Onboarding

We will followup on your resignation, and during your notice period to ensure a smooth transition. This includes completion of all joining formalities and documentation as per regulations and coordinates with you and the client until joining.

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