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How is Your Job Application Managed by our Staffing Company?

We have outlined the below steps, to help you better understand how your job application is treated. We work closely with our clients to help them find the "most suitable" candidate for the job. 

Step 1: Your Job Application

You can email your CV or apply on the career page of our website for the job. 

When applying on our career page, read the job description carefully before you apply since we are very specific in meeting our client's requirements. The qualifying questions are designed to filter those applications that may not make the cut and help us save time in the screening process. 

TIP: Compare the job description with your CV and if your CV needs to be changed (without misrepresentation), then do so when applying.

If you have emailed us your CV for an ongoing job or for future vacancies, please ensure your CV is correctly formatted. In the event we do not have an immediate opening then your CV is saved in our database and referenced using keywords, job titles and even company names. 

Step 2: Screening your CV

All CVs received are screened by our recruitment consultants for immediate or expected vacancies. If found suitable, you will be contacted within 7 working days, else your CV is retained as a confidential document in our database for future roles. 

We pay careful attention not only to your work experience, qualifications, and skills but also to the time and effort you have taken to prepare your CV. Your resume is a very important document and its formatting, structure, and layout is very important.

CVs with grammatical errors, poor alignments, incomplete information stand to lose out to competitive CVs.

From time CVs of the most placeable candidates are marketed to our client and employment prospects. These CVs are screened for 

  • Stability

  • Consistent work experience

  • Strong education background and certifications

  • Fluent and confident Communication

Step 3: Internal Interviews

We match every application with the client's job description and also assess if your CV may be suitable for another opportunity. Phone and personal Interviews are conducted to determine your suitability for the role. We still encourage Covid protocols and hence most interviews are phone interviews on online Zoom or Team interviews. After 3-4 days of candidate interviews we prepare a candidate score sheet based on criteria's and ascertain the top 8 candidates only.

We may conduct a logical reason, analytical or number crunch assessment for certain roles.

Each candidate will have a candidate summary section containing a consultant review. The candidate CV with the job description and consultant comments are matched to determine this suitable

Step 4: CV Presentation to the Client

The 5 most suitable profiles are presented to the client with 3 backup CVs in reserve. and CV presentation to the client. It is only the client who determines the most suitable candidates for client interviews. Sometimes we recommend candidates (we feel confident about)

Step 5: Client Feedback

We receive the client's choice of candidates for the 1st round of interviews. Candidates are provided all relevant information and are thoroughly briefed to help them prepare for interviews. We coordinate with our candidates till they are present at the venue on the appointed date and time. Read about Preparing Yourself For Client Interviews >

Step 6: Client Interview Coordination

Most clients will conduct 2-3 rounds of interviews. These interviews could be a combination of face to face meetings, tests and assessments, or case study scenario's. We help prepare and guide you through these interviews. We will contact you after each round to receive your feedback and also follow up with the client on their evaluations and decisions.

Step 7: Client Selection and Employment Offer

Finally comes the Client's employment offer which is shared with you for your acceptance or reply. We would conduct 2 reference checks and salary verification which would be shared with the client. Please note we reserve the right to conduct a discreet reference check to determine accuracy, trust, and honesty. All information is shared with the client and confidentiality is maintained throughout.

Step 8: Onboarding

We will follow up with our candidate on your resignation, and during your notice period to ensure a smooth transition. This includes completion of all joining formalities and documentation as per regulations and coordinates with you and the client,  until joining.

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