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Genesis Executive Search assists jobs seekers and candidates find top jobs in Dubai. We review hundreds of jobs daily and connect with companies to help them with their recruitment needs. We obtain these jobs, advertise them, and connect with prospective candidates to complete our successful introduction to our clients. 


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Professional Resume Writing 

Genesis Executive Search in Dubai provides candidates and job seekers with some of the top jobs in Dubai with leading multinationals in the UAE. We bring twenty years of expertise sourcing, screening, shortlisting, and presenting CVs of selected candidates from around the world to prospective employers and clients. We are able to gather feedback on CVs of the shortlisted and rejected candidates and hence know precisely what it takes to structure a good resume. Putting this experience into practice, we offer professional CV writing, designing a resume format, and creative Executive Resumes that express your value addition to prospective hiring managers.

These profiles meet high standards of review that are demanded by the region's top hiring managers.  Learn More

Preparing For Interviews

Because of our active involvement in participating and coordinating interviews with and for our clients, we have strengthened our own expertise in written and oral interview assessments and evaluations and use this to help candidates better prepare themselves to face hiring managers and decision-makers.

One striking fact about most candidates interviewed is almost all are capable of doing the job. Some candidates research prior to the interview while others rely on their work experience to get them through. Preparation, communication, and presentation are the key to any successful interview. A good start would be to read the Rules of Interview Etiquettes and Avoidable words at an interview 

I have prepared some guidelines that should be very useful when you are shortlisted for an interview. Learn More

Structuring Your CV

  1. Telling Your Story

  2. Formatting A CV

  3. Work Experience

  4. Education

  5. Skills, Awards, and Interests

  6. Sticky Resume Situations

  7. Finishing Touches

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