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Why and How to Register Your Details

We have incorporated a Candidate Portal on our website and embedded in our database to assist you create, edit and delete any text associated with your profile. Using a unique login id and password, you can

  1. Apply for jobs

  2. View the status of your application without the need to chase up recruiters or wait for feedback.

  3. Change your password whenever and however often you like.

  4. Apply for multiple jobs with one registered CV.

We have shared step by step details of how to complete the CV registration process.

NOTE: If you have previously, emailed your CV to us or if you have applied for a vacancy on our website, then your profile already exists.

In this case, there is no need to create an account. Login using your email and click "Forgot password". Follow the steps as directed.

Step 1

Once you Click the Register / Login Button, you will be directed to the below page.

Login Pagee_edited.jpg

Step 2

If you are registering the first time, click on the


just below the "Sign In" button and at the bottom of the page

Step 3


Fill in all the details as required in the form. Upload your CV in Word or PDF format only, enter your email id (validation email will be sent for confirmation) and a password (a combination of alphanumeric and one special character). All information marked in “*” is mandatory.

Step 4

Once you have completed the 15-20 minute registration process, you can now login again to apply for jobs, modify and update your CV and view the status of all job applications.

Login Screen.jpg

This is how your post login screen will appear.

Step 5

You can scroll horizontally through each section (Details, Education, Experience, Resume) located at the top of the page

CV Sections.jpg

Step 6

On the extreme left, you will find


The Profile section shows you all the information that you have entered in your Registration form including the CV attachment in Word or PDF.

Step 7

The Jobs section shows you 2 subsections – Current Openings and Applications.

The View Jobs directs you to all ongoing jobs, allowing you to view and apply. The application allows to see the status of every job you have applied, including your answers to the prequalifying/pre screening questions.


Step 8

On the top right corner of the Application subsection you will find the


By clicking this, you can change your login password.

The candidate portal thus allows to you completely manage your profile, and all your job applications without the need to chase up recruiters and waste time.


If you face any difficulty, do not hesitate to contact us.

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