Sample CVs

Preparing your CV is not the easiest task. From personal experience, it has taken me about a month, and even after that constant changes and editing to come up with what I felt the most suitable CV. However after reviewing, researching, and studying the structures, layouts, and formats of various CVs I have determined that there is no perfect CV but one which is more "you" since it is a document of your very own personality, skills, experience, qualifications and who you are.

We have shared a couple of CV formats, just a review. But it is essential that you follow these guidelines.


Keep your CV to a maximum of 2 pages - Do a thorough spell-check - Standardise all fonts and font sizes - Ensure you have the CV structure in place - Make one or a maximum 2 line bullet points with not more than 5-8 points per job - Use a professional photo meant for a CV and not just any photographs - Make it personal, honest and sellable.

You can read more about preparing your CV and make it more up-to-date with a digital CV.


Remember recruiters can read "fake" stuff. Your CV is meant to get you an interview and your interview, a job. 

Sample CV Structures

Standard CV Format sample 1
Simple and Professional CV sample 2
Professional CV Design sample 3
Simple CV Structure sample 4
Standard CV format sample 5
Sample CV format sample 6
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