Sample CVs

Preparing your CV is not the easiest task. From personal experience, it has taken me about 2-3 months of constant changes and editing to come up with what I felt are the most suitable CV structural formats. However after reviewing, researching, and studying the structures, layouts, and formats of various CVs I have determined that there is no perfect CV but one which is more "you" since it is a document of your very own personality, skills, experience, qualifications and who you are.

We have tested the same CV in different structures and most times it does not work. Hence it is important that you choose the right format after must study or consulting experts in CV design and CV writing.

We have shared a couple of CV formats, just a review. But it is essential that you follow these guidelines.


Ensure you have the CV structure or CV skeleton in place.

  1. Keep your CV to a maximum of 2 pages.

  2. Do a thorough spell-check.

  3. Standardize all fonts, font sizes, margins, and spacings.

  4. Maximize 8 -10 bullet points per job description.

  5. Use a professional photo meant for a CV and not just any visa or passport photographs. 

You can read more about preparing your CV and make it more up-to-date with a digital CV.


Remember recruiters can read "fake" stuff or you could anyway be caught should you choose to distort the correctness of your profile.


Your CV is meant to get you an interview and your interview, a job. 

Sample CV Structures

One Page Professional CV
Standard Simple CV
Professional CV Structure
Professional Resume
Consolidated Professional Resume
One Page Split Compact Resume
One Page Compact CV
Simple Split CV Structure
Compact CV and Resume

Sample Biography's

Biography Sample 1
Biography Sample 2
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