Sample CVs

Preparing your CV is not the easiest task. From personal experience, it has taken me about a month and even after that constant changes and editing to come up with what I felt the most suitable CV. However after reviewing, researching, and studying the structures, layouts, and formats of various CVs I have determined that there is no perfect CV but one which is more "you" since it is a document of your very own personality, skills, experience, qualifications and who you are.

We have shared a couple of CV formats, just a review. But it is essential that you follow these guidelines.


Keep your CV to a maximum 2 pages - Do a thorough spell-check - Standardise all fonts and font sizes - Ensure you have the CV structure in place - Make one or a maximum 2 line bullet points with not more than 5-8 points per job - Use a professional photo meant for a CV and not just any photographs - Make it personal, honest and sellable.

You can read more about preparing your CV and make it more up to date with a digital CV.


Remember recruiters can read "fake" stuff. Your CV is meant to get you an interview and your interview, a job. 

Sample CV Layouts

Screening Questions to help prepare your CV

Do you have any preferences on how your CV should look? We prepare simple and professional CVs for junior executives to senior management. OR Leave it to us to design your CV for you.

  1. How long do you need your CV to be?

  2. Chose the correct font, text size, margins, borders, and alignments.

  3. Design a CV structure. Maybe one of the above formats could help you. 

  4. Decide the Layouts and Headings - CV Headline, Performance Milestones or Career Achievements, Career Synopsis, Core Competencies, Career Growth or Work Experience, Education or Academia section, Training and Development (or Professional Development). We may change it depending on what we feel will attract maximum attention.

  5. Need infographic representation in your CV? or just keep it plain and simple

  6. Do you require a Bio linked to your CV.

  7. Keyword Optimisation

  8. Complete formatting Review - Grammatical Usage  and Spell Checks

Payment must be made prior to reviewing all questions and details. We would require at least 30 minutes for a pre-review.