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Sample CVs 

Preparing your CV is not the easiest task. There is no perfect CV format. After reviewing, researching, and studying the structures and layouts of various CVs,  we have prepared suitable CV structures. However, each structure is tailored made depending on what appeals to you. A CV must reflect your very own personality, skills, experience and qualifications. It must be as close to an "achievement" based document.

​We have shared a few CV formats, just a review. But it is essential that you follow these guidelines.

Basic CV Recommendations

  1. Keep your resume structure simple.

  2. Use fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, Helvetica, etc

  3. The font size of "11" or "12" is ideal.

  4. Use a professional CV photo. Do not use holiday, work, dining, party photo.

  5. Work experience and education should be in reverse chronological order (current or last job first)

  6. Do a thorough spell and grammar check. Grammarly is a free tool you can use.

  7. Subtitles can be made bold or CAPS. Preferably use a font size 1-2 points larger.

  8. Use 8-10-12 achievement-based or keyword-rich bullet points per job description.

  9. Ensure correct font, size, paragraph, and margin alignments.

  10. Keep your CV to 2 pages or a maximum of 3 pages. 1-2 page CVs are best.

  11. Structure neat subheadings for summary, experience, education, skills, competencies.

CV Format-Sample 6
Advanced Professional
Executive CV
Single Column Compact Format
CV Format - Sample 1
Sample CV 9
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