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Human Resource Consultancy

Human Resource Services in Dubai

In 2019, Genesis Executive Search was a nominee for the "Most Promising Human Resource Consultant in Dubai"

We can enrich your team by providing updated salary surveys, designing your company policy and procedure manual, preparing an employee handbook, developing your organization charts, and job descriptions, support the outsourcing of employees,  and always partnering with you in the worst-case scenario of downsizing staff, etc. 

​Simply focus on your business and we’ll deliver the results.

Salary Surveys in the UAE

Survey data is often time-sensitive and may become out-of-date quickly. Because of the time-sensitive information, surveys are often identified by the year or quarter in which the data was collected. 

The purpose of compensation surveys we conduct is to provide a means for comparison of salaries at your company with an external source like market salary, your competitor's salary structure, industry salary, etc.​

Compensation surveys ensure that you do not overpay your employees which would damage your companies profitability while at the same time it ensures that your employees are not underpaid for fear of losing them to competition or other employers.  Learn More about our salary surveys in the UAE.

Policy & Procedure Manuals for mainland and free zone companies 

An employee handbook, sometimes also known as an employee manual, staff handbook, or company policy manual, is a book given to employees by an employer. Case-Specific: company policies, rules, disciplinary and grievance procedures, and other information modeled after employment laws or regulations.

We specifically prepare a 20-page tailor-made manual as a guideline for your team and to support your company's management. 

Read about our policy manuals and find how you can beat the competition with the best recruitment solutions.

Organization Charts and Job Descriptions

The functional structure is the most commonly used by most businesses. It's a top-down flowchart with a high-ranking executive at the top, with multiple middle managers - such as the human resources, marketing, accounting, and engineering department heads - all directly reporting to the top executive.

The objectives of organizational structure are to establish accountability, information flow, authority, and distribution of responsibilities.

We prepare a detailed organizational structure, job description, and salary details for every position.

Learn More about organization charts and job descriptions

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