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Genesis Executive Search, a leading recruitment agency in UAE and a top job consultancy in Dubai, has 20 years of executive search and recruiting expertise in the UAE. Having access to a network of over half a billion active and passive candidates, we hardly miss anyone.


Are you looking to hire employees now? We can help you zero in on the perfect job seekers. We make sure to work only with the best in their field and help you find the most suitable candidates, who meet your requirements to the fullest.

Our dedicated team of recruiters and executive search consultants are experts in headhunting C-level and top management executives. As executive headhunters, our performance is evaluated not only on our ability to headhunt the best candidate for the job but to understand your need, internal structure, corporate culture, business practice, mode of operation and provide you a high quality of professional service throughout the assignment.


Our expertise in human resource consultancy for the recruitment and hr consulting industry is world-class, with our competitors only being the world's best executive search firms in the Middle East.

Some of the jobs we work on

C Level Jobs, Sales Jobs in Dubai, Marketing jobs in the UAE, Regional Manager jobs across the GCC, Engineering and Technical jobs, IT Jobs, Administration Jobs, Human Resource jobs, Accounting jobs, Finance jobs, Support, and Coordination jobs, Logistics jobs, Purchase and procurement jobs, warehouse and stores jobs, Office Manager jobs, etc.

Salary, Compensation and Benefit Surveys

Salary Surveys

A salary survey data is often time-sensitive and may become out-of-date quickly. Because of a changing, economic, and competitor-driven market, wage and compensation surveys are often identified by the year or quarter in which the data was collected. 

The purpose of the salary guide is to provide you a means for comparison of salaries at your company against standard market salaries, your competition salaries, and industry salaries.​

Salary surveys ensure that your company does not overpay their employees which would damage your profitability while at the same time it ensures that your employees are not underpaid for fear of losing them to competition or other employers.  

Employee Handbook

Policy and Procedure Manual

An employee handbook, sometimes also known as an employee manual, staff handbook, or company policy manual, is a book given to your employees. Company policies, rules, disciplinary and grievance procedures, payroll, and other information modeled after employment laws or regulations.

An employee handbook shows a well-organized company with professionally managed rules and regulations to help in better understanding and coordination between employer and employee.

Employee handbook services are especially useful for small businesses and large companies. If you do not have a policy manual it is strongly recommended that you hire someone to write your policies and procedures.

We prepare tailor-made employee handbooks as a guideline for your team and better management. 

Outplacement Services

Restructuring and Downsizing

Outplacement is a program of supporting employees to make a transition into the next phase of their careers. This mainly occurs when a company due to various circumstances from restructuring to downsizing is forced to make changes to minimize the employee overhead costs.


Ever since COVID-19 and work from home(WFH), many companies have found their sales figures and profits get affected. To ensure company continuity, outplacement has become essential.


  • Provides customized programs for the organization and individuals.

  • Assist your organization with the planning and management of an outplacement project.

  • Provide training for managers in order to conduct notification meetings.

  • Job search assistance, professional career coaching & CV support.

  • Networking advice and information on local business market trends.

Organization Charts and Job Descriptions

Organization structure and Job Description Writing

An organization structure is a graphical representation in an organization chart or organization hierarchy. It explains who is who is the company, their designations, the reporting structure, and team size. It is very useful to plan the future growth of the company, for business and operations planning. It also helps guide employees to understand the company overview and coordination a whole lot better.

The objectives of organizational structure are to establish accountability, information flow, authority, and distribution of responsibilities.

Genesis Executive Search designs, organization, structures, and write job descriptions, and incorporates salary and benefits for every position and based on your budgets. 

Advertising and Screening Campaign

Recruitment Campaigns

Genesis Executive Search provides you with cost-effective recruitment services that not only help you select the right candidate from a series of industry / product-specific candidates but also offer you the opportunity to build your own candidate pipeline for future roles that require hiring.

This means that you pay a fraction of the normal recruitment cost and also build your own database.

Genesis Executive Search


Genesis Executive Search is one of the best recruitment agencies in the UAE and a leading executive search firm in Dubai. We provide retained and contingent human resource solutions to the world's best multinationals.







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