Highly Effective Recruitment Campaigns

Recruiting at a fraction of the cost

Genesis Executive Search provides you with a cost-effective recruiting campaign that not only helps you select the right candidate from a series of industry / product-specific candidates but also offers you the opportunity to build your own candidate pipeline for future roles that require hiring.

This means that you pay a fraction of the normal recruitment cost and also build your own database.

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The Recruiting Campaign 

The Best Recruitment Consultancy for Jobs in Dubai

The Recruitment Process commences with the following

Step 1:  We understand your corporate background and recruitment requirement and draft an advertisement campaign. This campaign once approved, will be marketed on our website, Linkedin, all social media, and among our network of global and regional candidates.

Step 2: CVs of all applicants are collected and segregated into 4 groups

  1. Group A: Most suitable - meeting the required job description.

  2. Group B: Those who have more than or less than the required experience but meet all the other requirements.

  3. Group C: Those who do not have the required experience but have the same industry or product/service experience in a different position.

  4. Group D: Rejected applicants who do not meet any of the above but have applied for the job.

Step 3: All CVs are presented to you in the segregated groups. The CVs contain all the candidates' details including the contact numbers and emails. 

Step 4: You would proceed with contacting the candidates directly, interview, and select as many candidates you like without any additional costs payable to us.


  1. You can build a database of candidates for groups A, B, and C for your immediate and future recruitment requirements.

  2. The recruitment COST IS A FRACTION of what you would normally pay a recruitment agency.

  3. You don't have to waste time putting an advertisement in media and then collecting CVS and taking phone calls but rather focus on more important work at hand.

  4. Brand Recruitment Awareness created for you.

  5. Future hires and pipeline created with minimal effort.